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Below are picture examples of what the filters will look like within your hoods.
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Running your filters through the dishwasher will only clean the surface of the filter? All baffle filters have an open-side offset honeycomb shape, designed to capture the most contaminants as the air tumbles through them. A clean filter can capture up to 30% of contaminants in the air to reduce buildup in your exhaust system. Because filters are directly over the cooking equipment they can easily catch fire, so cleaning the entire filter — inside and out—is critical to safety. How much does a filter weigh? After you clean the filter it should weight approximately the same as it did when it was brand new, otherwise grease and buildup are still caught inside the baffles.


How much are you spending to unclog the dish sink or drains due to grease build-up? Degreasers, hours cleaning, dishwasher maintenance, grease trap clean out, even occasional work comp claims from cuts — all these expense from filter maintenance; our program is an affordable option without all the hassle – WE COME TO YOU AND TAKE THE GREASE WITH US! Standard baffle filters and spark arrestor filters available.

Averus is there for you every step of the way including our Grease Filter Exchange Program.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, most fires in commercial kitchens are caused by cooking flames that flare up and penetrate your filters where grease deposits have accumulated.

Averus’s “Grease Filter Exchange Service” will remove your grease-laden filters and replace them with 18 gauge, UL listed, “Grease Baffle Type Filters” that meet local codes and National Fire Protection # 96 standards.

The grease filters within your kitchen exhaust system exist to reduce the amount of vaporized grease that ends up within your exhaust system ducts, where it can cause a flash fire. Clean filters can trap up to 70-80 percent of the grease passing through them. But if your filters are already saturated with grease, they can’t do their job properly and you will end up with reduced efficiency of your system and a dangerous grease accumulation right above your cooking appliances.

Investing in regular grease filter replacement and cleaning will help reduce your risk of fire and avoid its potentially devastating impact on your business. Averus offers a quick, convenient, affordable filter exchange program that lets you take the hassle out of keeping up with grease filter maintenance.

When your grease filters are cleaned on a regular frequency using our grease filter exchange service, your grease exhaust system will be protected from major fire damage.

Different Filter Types

Standard Baffle Filters

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ELX Filters

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Extractor Filters

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